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The folks at the top of each list aren't expected to be experts. They are the "Go-to" people... the people that know the people that know stuff.


Areas of interest: Arranging when/where/with who performances

  • Go-to: Lee
  • Members:


Areas of interest: High-level control, interactivity (not choreography software development)

  • Go-to: Lemuel
  • Members: Lee


Areas of interest: The Mother Ship, transportation issues, battery logistics

  • Go-to: James
  • Members Ray, Cheryl Fralick ( "I have a few bikes I could donate to the cause", Michelle Palmer (, lisa?

Rbca (though she’s really busy now), Amy (though often busy), Charlotte, Matt, Lisa



Areas of interest: Recruiting, publicity, fundraising, schwag, Playa Dress Code, stickers, embroidered patches, parties, social events beyond 3 hours in a room with geeks.

Mechanics (consolidated from Shell, Drive Motor and Steering Motor)

Areas of interest: Shell, mechanics, internal structure, drive motor, steering motor
Boundary: Playa, speed controller,

  • Go-to: Mike
  • Shell fabrication: charlie
  • Members: ray, chris

Speed Controller

Areas of interest: H-bridge motor drivers, microcontrol of same, motor feedback loops, electronic motor sensing including encoders, limit switches, current sensing.
Boundary: 24v at speed controller, 5v at electronics, chassis


Areas of interest: batteries, ballast, power distribution harness, voltage regulation to multiple systems
Boundary: the mass and shape of the batteries, electric power delivered to each system

  • Go-To: Lee
  • Members: Mark (knows voltage conversion chips very well)

Processing Platform/SPU (Swarm Processing Unit) (was BRAIN)

Areas of interest: ARM linux board, intermodule communication, location estimation

  • Go-to:
  • Members: Jonathan, Tad? Matt?


Areas of interest: Navigation, GPS, sensors, IMU. Should this be part of BRAIN?


Areas of interest: Inter-orb Zigbee RF coms, intercommunication & control protocol, status dashboard
Boundary: serial between BRAIN and RF link; antenna; software to abstract it and present a "service".

  • Go-to: Tad
  • Members:


Areas of interest: amplified sound, chimes, servo sound reinforcement
Boundary: may include own uP, or may receive simple enable and/or trigger signals from an existing uP


Areas of interest: LED illumination, control of same

Mother Node

High-level control of swarm from Mothership, Telemetry dashboard.

  • Members: Simran, Trebor, Eric, Jonathan

Control System Design

  • Areas of Interest: Kalman filtering, designing the choreography tool and simulating the orbs
  • Go-To:Michael
  • Members: Jon, Drago?, Tad