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The hive is the charging station for the orbs on the playa at Burning Man 2007. Barry's solar panels on top, Aerin's EL wire lighting it, Marcus' laser tower guiding people to it, Charlie and Nate's frame, Snow Koan's charging system.


Here's a drawing by Charlie describing the second-to last iteration of the design

The following text is from the deleted "Base Camp" page for archival purposes..

From Lee:

We have to find some way to mount the 10 solar panels we have at our SWARM base camp. I was just thinking that they'd be in some square array on the ground but he floated a couple designs that, all told, aren't too much more work than a simple block of panels on the ground.

If you're interested in working on this solar array with me and some other folks, call me. 415 then 306 then 2151

One nice idea that Charlie had is in the attached image. Take a look. The SWARM Mothership is a 7' x 7' vehicle that can drive into the center of the structure. The panels are mounted at maybe 8' above the ground, looking somewhat like a flower. The top could be made of flexible tubing lit up from the inside or having a light shined on it... formed into the general shape of one of the orbs.

This design certainly isn't fixed.

Interested? Give me a call: 415-306-2151

You don't already have to know how to weld or design large metal sculptures. But by the end, you will! :-)))

The whole shebang is going into a truck on the 23rd so we want to bang this out pretty quickly.

I don't have a work schedule yet but showing up at the Box Shop this Tuesday at 8pm would let you meet everyone.



  • Lee
  • Charlie
  • Baba (off work mon & tues. tues & wed eve are good)