Big To Do List

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Updated for pre-decompression Jtfoote 19:02, 5 October 2007 (MST)

Near Future

Orb Issues

See Orb Maintenance page

  • Dust and clean
  • clean and lube chain and sprockets
  • charge batteries
  • Repair/replace broken kill dongles and "fakey" connectors
  • clean shells: pressure wash after removing bearings
  • Grease zerk bearings with grease gun
  • Upgrade all chassis to standard (install dome, fix LED power wiring)
  • Check integrity of Illuminator mounts on agg. lids and replace if necessary (62 is worst, others OK)
  • Bead-blast/anodize shells?
  • Deburr inside of large holes near hubs. So we can stick our skinny arms through without scraping them.
  • Install gaskets on aggregator lids
  • Check all power studs are tight and have lock nuts.
  • ensure all LED/Sound connections have strain reliefs.
  • Collect tools and parts for Magic Box


  • fabricate replacement H-bridges and test/install
  • Build and test dedicated Zigbee remotes
  • Install IMUs on all orbs
  • Document everything on Wiki


  • Finish LED AVR firmware and reflash all LED modules
  • Refactor daughterboard AVR code
    • Add software steer zero calibrate
    • harmonize data structs and getter calls
    • Reflash all modules
  • Debug sound module and reflash
    • Rebuild mechanically unsound modules
  • Document communication protocols & architecture in Wiki
  • Experiment with IMU tilt sensor steering feedback
  • Enhance mothernode software (variable max speed, command-line settings, autorun)
  • Mothernode software for stand performances (fixed-location).

SPU Crew

  • Makefile maintenance (can we test/run spu code without a spu?)
  • New SPU parser using Lemon machine-generated code
  • Battery status monitor -- flash LEDs on low battery?
  • Look at shared memory process communication


See SWARM Publicity page

  • press kit
  • professional management?
  • Thank You Packs
  • Update web site to be less BM-centric
  • Update Wiki (parts are really stale)
  • MySpace page -- music from Simran?
  • Videos to YouTube
  • Update SWARM tribe on
  • fund raising opportunities


  • fix dead spu with external 3.3v supply
  • Box/platform for remote controls / mothernode mouse/keyboard
  • Install downward reflectors on LED pods
  • Install two more LED pods per orb to light up entire orb
  • Tidy and vacate Swarm Dorm
  • find/make "Orb Socks:" waterproof covers to go inside crates (Giant leaf trash bags? Rain ponchos? Custom-sewn tarps?)
  • Return SPU with misbehaving flash mem;


Autonomous Navigation

  • Install drive encoders
  • Install aggregator/GPS
  • Benchmark GPS modules
  • Benchmark GPS base stations
  • develop and document interface

Software and Control

  • Matlab/Octave Model
  • Estimator design
  • feedback control design
  • Choreography Design Interface
  • Upgrade SPUs to 2.6 kernel? (Now supported by TS)

Choreography Design

  • Identify Choreographers
  • Think about communicating choreography without hardware
  • Interactivity beyond remote controls. Wand? Sensors?