Famous in teh interweb echo chamber

The lovely and talented (with a blowtorch, power screw driver, spatula, and clipboard) Simone at Suicide Bots posted about SWARM’s immenent autonomous overlord status and the “mainstream” media was quick to pick up the story.



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One Response to “Famous in teh interweb echo chamber”

  1. tasha gilbey says:

    hey guys, me and tom met you at iit kanpur this year,
    how are you doing?
    I’ve got some photos of your orbs and was wondering if you would like them for your website or promotional info?
    send me an e-mail!!
    was really good to meet you guys aand both of us are extremely interested in the swarmorbs!
    good luck,
    tasha gilbey,
    tom boddington

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