Virgin Festival Toronto

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Virgin Festival Toronto

The festival takes place on Toronto Island! Toronto Islands

Niladri is the point of contact.


  1. Melissa - definite. I would like to be a definite but understand if someone more qualified should go over me. I actually have two current passports (haha!) and have zero problems with sharing a room with one or more people. I'd just like a couch or part of a bed to sleep on.
  2. Dawn - Definite. Not going to Burning Man so they'll be fresh and ready to go :) - , have passport, share w/Rick.
  3. Rick - Definite. Not going to Burning Man so they'll be fresh and ready to go :) - , have passport, share w/Dawn.
  4. Niladri - Definite
  5. Marnia - Definite
  6. Lee - Definite depending on budget and crewing


  1. Dillo - maybe. He won't know till 8-15-08 or so. He knows this might mess up flight plans and make it not possible. We'll see how this works out.


  • Firm up participants, get them airfare and lodging on Canada Jazz. Passports.
  • Reserve transit out (air) and back (ground) for orbs
  • Figure out Canadian work permit situation - Apparently don't need one: [1]
  • Figure out taxes
  • Figure out performance insurance


Monday Sept 1

  • Pack 4 orbs (+1 spare?), fence, repair equipment ready to show in Toronto
  • include excellent documentation & photos for customs to minimize delays

Tuesday Sept 2

  • Send shipment to Toronto via air shipment

Wednesday Sept 3

  • Orbs dream of flight

Thursday Sept 4

  • Receive orbs at the Virgin Show in Toronto.
  • unpack, wash and test orbs.
  • Wash: de-shell, pressure wash and re-shell orbs?

Friday Sept 5

  • Set up performance space
  • test orbs

Saturday Sept 6

  • 6 30 minute performances

Sunday Sept 7

  • 6 30 minute performances

Monday Sept 8

  • Pack orbs, submit shipment to UPS Ground

Shipping Info

UPS Guide to Shipping Hazardous Materials:

Example of air shippable SLA battery (necessary declarations as PDF's at bottom of page):

Packing List

  • 4 orbs
  • Fence
    • all the fence poles
    • fence pounder
    • 360' bailing wire (enough for 2 strings surrounding a 30' radius performance area)
    • 180' pink rope
    • plastic marking tape
  • Tool box
  • 4 orb chargers
  • Spares - a couple of those plastic shoeboxes
  • 4 Remotes
  • 16 AA rechargables
  • 2 8-battery chargers
  • Shade structure


$2 million liability is in place. Costs $1796.88 for 6 events/year starting 8-22-08. Via Charlee Gallagher.
future additional insureds = $100
terrorism risk insurance act (TRIA) = $70

$40,000 property insurance is in place via Lee's tenants insurance. This only gives 10% coverage while traveling :-( $45.70/month, includes earthquake insurance for $4/month. I'm looking into getting better insurance

Requirements from our Host

  • Swarm layout.jpg
    (We will bring our own fence. This text remains as an archive for future events) SWARM would like to set up and operate from a 30' radius circular fence on a flat, low cut grass area. The attached image is what it looked like at Coachella 2008. Each orb has 15 watts of sound amplifier built in and 10 watts of LED lighting. The piece show best in a dark, quiet area. Of course we understand that finding a "quiet" place at a music festival isn't likely, the audio component isn't essential.
  • A regular 110 volt power drop capable of 10 amps.
  • Fencing -
    It would be terrific if you could supply an attractive fencing. Though heavy-duty metal crowd control barricades would interfere with spectators' enjoyment of performance. If you can't provide a more attractive fencing, we can bring our own. See the attached image for what we've used previously and plan to use. Tell me if you can offer a good fencing or we should pack our own.