VIDA 11.0

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Headed by Lee.

Making another video


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Letter from VIDA

from Daniel Canogar

Dear Lee Sonko:

Would be wonderful if you apply to this year's VIDA 11.0 award. Deadline October 6th!

Best regards,

Daniel Canogar Artistic Director VIDA 11.0 ---


- The purpose of the competition is to award prizes to electronic works of art created with artificial life technologies

- Deadline: 6 October 2008

- For this edition of VIDA 11.0, the prize money has doubled to 80,000 Euros

- The competition rules and all the information on previous editions can be viewed on the Vida Internet website:

One of Telefónica Foundation's main objectives is to promote the relationship between art and the new technologies. As a part of this goal, Telefónica Foundation is announcing the eleventh edition of the international VIDA competition to recognize artistic excellence in the field of artificial life and related disciplines.

The competition is open to art projects that explore the interaction between "synthetic" life and "organic" life as a reflection of the field of artificial life. 572 artists from 32 countries have participated in the ten previous editions and prizes have been awarded to more than 100 projects which included robots, electronic avatars, chaotic algorithms, cellular automats, computer viruses and virtual ecologies.

VIDA 11.0 will award a total of 80,000 euros to winning projects in two categories: one open to already-finished projects and another as an incentive for production in Ibero-America, Spain and Portugal. The winning works of art will be exhibited, as usual, at the Telefónica Foundation stand at ARCO.

The works of art submitted will be reviewed by an international panel made up by Mónica Bello Bugallo (Spain); Daniel Canogar (Spain); José Carlos Mariátegui (Peru); Sally Jane Norman (France-New Zealand); Simón Penny (United States-Australia) and Nell Tenhaaf (Canada). Terms and conditions of the competition, which is open to participants from all over the world, are available in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese.

Complete competition rules at Fundación Telefónica Tel: +34 91 5840646 Gran Vía 28, 7ª planta 28013 MADRID, SPAIN