Trucking Options

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For Burning Man 2008 we ended up getting a truck from Penske Oakland. Here are details of all of our trucking options.

What we went with

We are renting from Penske, picking up a 20' box truck on Thursday Aug. 21, and dropping on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

 $75 a day at 13 days + $0.30/mile at 700 miles = $1185 (not including fuel.) I did some shopping around, and this comes out several hundred dollars less than most other options. I laid out the floor plan, and a 16' truck won't cut it if we're using the crates (mothership is about 127in long x 69in wide x 52in tall without cradles, FYI.)

After gas, it should still be shy of $1500, and I believe we have $2k allotted for transport.

Pickup/dropoff in San Leandro-

Penske Oakland
10755 Bigge Street
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: (510) 562-1550

What We Were Considering

We need a box truck to fit the Orbs and the Mother Ship. Mike is the point person, and will be driving.

Ideally, we will rent from Aug. 21st through Sept. 2nd = 13days
The round trip is approximately 700miles.

The Sunflower Robots used East Bay Ford-
Contact Ivy Williams at (510)844-9045
They will not start taking reservations until early August.

Penske San Francisco (415)970-9000

Ryder Hayward (510)887-1130 $85/day + $35/day insurance + $0.65 per mile

Stella (FLG) mentioned these are good people to look for trucking to the playa ONIELL RENTALS DOWNTOWN
OAKLAND , CA 94607