The Pie That Is In The Sky

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Think pie-in-the-sky now, what do you want to make?

Add your idea here. Go crazy. Go nuts. Really.

True robotic autonomy

Orbs that drive in preprogrammed patterns

Making our sound system rock

light, sound, and motion choreography and performance

new controllers - hats, etc

IR sensors (people/orb avoidance?)

inside stuff (i.e. autonomy w/out GPS using vision/other sensors)

mini orbs

Illuminator Break Dance

Get our illuminators to totally rock on their own

Fire Fog

Lee - A 6' tall, 10' wide, 10' long volume is filled with a flammable aerosol. A spark at one end of the volume lights the aerosol on fire. The spectator is able to watch and listen to the flame front slowly rip cross the volume. After it cools, another aerosol release and another spark from a different direction lights it up again.

Ball Bearing Fountain

Lee - An environment where steel balls replace water flowing in various types of fountains. It's loud as hell.

Here are a few of the many ideas:

Flame Hopper - A ball rolls down to the bottom of a hill, is coated with naptha and lit on fire. The ball it then hit with a kicker (maybe pressurized CO2) that shoots it in the air. The ball is shot into a hopper filled with settled CO2 gas (remember, it's heavier than air) putting out the fire and letting the ball reset. (from Jon Foote)

Tosser - Let the balls roll down a spiral like one of those giant gumball machines into a bucket. Let them accumulate until a set number/weight is reached. Then fling the whole thing up in the air. Bundles of balls hurling through the air. (from Charlotte)

As Water - Run tiny plastic BBs through a water pump as if they were water (from Charlotte and Lee)

wildly practical utensils

car stereo-b-gone

infrared? radio?

Candle that smells like an Italian Kitchen

hot butter sprayer

There is an I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray that's actually quite flavorful. I postulate that similarly spraying real butter onto toast would taste good and dramatically reduce serving sizes of butter... A great diet and health aid! The butter would have to be heated before going through the pump sprayer.

3 Hour Limit Camera

A smart camera. A person walks around and takes photos of a parking lot and the license plates. The camera uses OCR and reads in everything. Then come back a few hours later and take a photo of the area again. The operator knows what cars have overstayed their welcome and should be towed

Make a pulsejet

Make puffed rice

It doesn't look hard at all.

Ah, here's a good lead ( ... This is the exact way they make puffed rice: They take paddy(Rice with husks),will soak them in hot water for a day. This paddy is then dried under hot Sun for at least a day. This process of soaking and drying is required because of ricepaddy doesn’t have any moisture content in them like corn. This dried paddy, then is roasted in special big sand filled ovens, under huge controlled fire.(Iam lack of words here to translate this process into English.)In this frying process the rice pops out of husk, and they use special big sieves to seperate the popped rice and sand. After this, they use special fans to seperate husk and puffed rice. I hope I am able to explain this to you clearly. I think you can try it on a small scale if you could get paddy at your place and using a microwave oven.

extendable elevator shoes

extendable elevator shoes so short people can see at concerts

Build a 24hoursoflemons car (denise is particularly keen to do this... like, a LOT keen...)


explore the possibilities

Off the shelf swarm

Air Swarm

Playa Exploration Rover

Create a lumbering, solar powered rover that drives to pre-programed locations (art installations) and takes photo stitched panoramic pictures of art pieces from many angles and many distances. Have it take lots of samples from each vantage (because people will, undoubtedly, "pose" for the rover") and then play back each vantage on to a screen at night, shuffling the samples so we can watch a living, breathing collage of each and every art piece, as experienced by the rover, as if it were telling the story of what the rover saw when it visited the art piece.

Playa Metro Tram

Artcar with an interactive map of the playa on it's back, a few seats, and a GPS unit, that lumbers, slowly, between preprogrammed points like an automated taxi

Off The Shelf Swarm Sound (OTS3)

Wirelessly addressable or wirelessly synchronized self-contained sound boxes bring to mind all kinds of tempting possibilities.

Playa Roving Drum Machine

The Yellow Drum Machine is a small robot that wanders around and drums on things. See

If it comes across something "interesting", it will stop and bang out a little rhythm on the it, sampling and saving the "performance" 

for later. After a "performance" it resumes roving around and the next time it runs into something worth drumming on, it plays back what it recorded from the previous "performance". It would be cool to make a larger one that could roll around an open area, say, The Playa, or elsewhere and drum on things. Maybe we could construct a "playspace" where it could bang on things that we know would sound good or just ask people if they mind if our 'bot comes around and drums on their stuff.

autonomous zeppelin

From Charlie - OK here goes.. pie in the sky... for you'll

Design an autonomous zeppelin that caries a small payload and lights up the balloon create a kit out of it sell 1000 kits Launch all zeppelin simultaneously all around North America Have them meet somewhere Then have them meet somewhere else Have them take pictures Record sound Create imagery when they get together Create a 3min YouTube video that goes viral Enjoy the fame and success..

Or something like that...