Supper Club

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Lee writes

I was just informally asked by JennStar and the people with the airplane at the Box Shop today if we'd like to bring some stuff to the Supper Club on Oct 20th. They're having a "Best of Burning Man Art" night. We could bring some shiny orb shells and some orb innards; it would be groovy if we could have LEDs that flashed and flickered all night. Could such a program be concocted?

Jon writes

Hey, that would be fun. I haven't been there -- I'm guessing it's too loud for sound art.

We could put the orbs on stands so they can rotate without rolling. If we make them turn in waves, and synchronize the LEDs, we'd have a pretty awesome distributed shadow generator, possibly interactive. And yes I guess I'm volunteering, if someone can help fabricate the stands...