Subzero at 01sj 2009

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01sj is about inspiring creativity at the intersection of art, technology and digital culture. This year we've been invited to perform for the opening night party called SubZero. This year SubZero will be held on Friday June 5th from 6pm to midnight. I plan on loading up at the box shop from 3-3:30, give ourselves an hour to get there, arrive and unload at 4:30 giving ourselves a 1/2 hour to get lost or what ever.

This will be a street festival that includes live music, interactive art installations, sound art, geo annotation and spacial performances, you get the idea. We will be performing on felt covered street at night with lots of tech art enthusiasts in attendance. Please feel free to sign up for some orb wrangling at SubZero and remember to note if you have a vehicle that can take an orb.

Date: Friday June 5th from 6pm to midnight.
Load up at Box Shop 3-3:30
Unload in SJ at 4:30

Number of Orbs: 3

Lead: Marnia

Orb Transportation to Subzero, picking up 3 orbs at Box Shop at 3-3:30pm

  • Marnia (in Denise's truck)3/4 orbs
  •  ?

Orb Handlers:

  • Jessie
  • Gregory
  • Dawn
  • Rick
  • Marc
  • Marnia
  •  ?

Orb Transportation back home, picking up 3 orbs at Subzero at midnight

  • Marnia (in Denise's truck)3/4 orbs
  •  ?