Storage Unit

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Update: Rick L got an upright storage cabinet. A lock was attached. It looks great!

We need lockable storage for the Box Shop.

Suggestions include:

Might I suggest getting ammo crates? Then you can port as well as stow. They need to be made to lock but they are often quite cheep, especially if you don't need to ship them. -- Coreyfro

A jobsite box. Like this. Good because it looks like it couldn't be broken into -- Michael

Used something-or-another from Berkeley U. Rick L is looking into it.

Used file cabinets?

Poor suggestions:

regular Locking metal storage cabinet like this. It doesn't look (and looks are important) secure enough.

I (Jon) have a big-ass crate left over from another job, something like 4 x 5 x 3. Nice 1/2" plywood. Two hinges and a hasp and it's a storage locker. Not the most secure but it will stop casual pilferage and it's virtually free.

Where to buy

Doesn't McMaster-Carr have a whole section on this?