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SWARM Camp is on! Friday October 15th 7pm thru Sunday the 17th in Concord at Marnia and Josh's house. Bring your sleeping bag (tooth brush, towel, jammies, and sleeping pad (sorry, floor space only!))!

Items you could bring: chairs, food, drink, orbs

Attending? Notes, things you will bring

  • Marnia - (and Josh, host!)
  • Lee - Attending Saturday day and Sunday
  • Niladri - Sat(all day and evening) and Sun( morning.)
  • Trebor
  • Michael
  • Marc H (probably some of Sat and Sun)
  • Cory and Jill - By hook or by crook
  • Rick & Dawn
  • Jesse
  • Jon - at least a few hours
  • Mark A - Saturday, maybe Friday, maybe Sunday morning. Want to talk music
  • Denise - Saturday afternoon

Probably not attending

  • Dillo
  • Christy
  • Erik
  • Tad

We want all 6 orbs there. Can you bring an orb from The Box Shop?

  • Marnia on Friday afternoon. If you want a ride then call me at (650) 520-1878
  • Maybe Denise on Sat. if needed.
  •  ??

What essential things should be brought from the Box Shop to Marnia's House?

  • Yellow tool box
  • allen keys
  • soldering iron
  • battery charger(s)
  • magnetic tray
  • AVR programmer
  • wall warts

Can you help return an orb to The Box Shop?

  •  ??
  •  ??

Todo List

  • Discuss an Orb at San Jose City Hall (Jon)
  •  ??