Push for Autonomy

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Some images from the current autonomy effort.

Push For Autonomy

November 2007 onward

  • Aggregator Hardware
    • Modify Aggregator Boards to solve power issues (Tad)
    • Install at least one in development orb
    • do we need a 12vdc -> 5vdc DC-DC converter? (Available from Mark A if needed)
  • GPS Hardware
    • Design umbilical cord for GPS module (Mark A)
    • Identify break-away signal connector for hub (Mark A)
  • Aggregator to SPU communication (Niladri, others?)
    • make sure current version of SPU parser is compatible with current aggregator code
    • if aggregator parser presents significant challenge, consider machine generated parser
  • Development Orb Hardware
    • Integrate IMU near center of orb
    • Integrate wheel speed encoder
    • test motor controller with speed PID (Jon?)
    • Reintegrate old bucket handle hardware
  • Kalman Estimator Debug and Tune
    • log sensor data
      • stationary
      • remote control
      • forward only? (avoid jerky behavior when reversing direction?)
    • optimize Kalman Estimator offline (Mike, others?)
      • look for errors in implementation
      • evaluate system design
      • tune sensor covariances
      • tune state covariances
    • verify Estimator by running orb with telemetric feedback
      • improve telemetry interface
  • Implement and Test Control Law (Mike, others?)
  • Evaluate 2.6 Kernel
    • Install 2.6 Kernel on TS-7260
    • set up cross-compile environment
    • run Kalman Estimator test harness
    • if useful, develop upgrade procedure
  • Mother Node Development (Trebor and Simran?)
    • Define communication protocol
    • complete choreography interface
  • Series implementation
    • implement changes from development orb to entire SWARM
    • bucket handle
      • evaluate need. can the GPS function adequately through the shell?
      • improve design.
      • implement.