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Orbserver gives an iPhone or other web user the ability to control aspects of the orb from within the Safari browser

Note that this code is experimental

The work has been done by Jesse and Erik

Current functionality includes:

  • changing the color of orbs individually and together
  • changing sound volume
  • changing sound banks (the webserver must know the exact name of the sound bank it wants to switch to)
  • motion is planned but there are worries about control

Orbserver currently needs the following to run.

1 computer with

  • Orbserver Python webserver and web pages. Find it in [SVN]/orbserver
  • python (2.6 should work)
  • wifi router to connect iPhone and web server/orbserver
  • USB to serial adapter if computer doesn't have serial connection
  • serial XBee Module

To start Orbserver....

C:\orbserver>c:\Python26\python orbserver

set up USB to Serial to Xbee device. Lee used Keyspan USA-19HS