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Buying stuff

To be reimbursed for an expense, fill out the reimbursement form and give it, along with the receipts to Lee. You can fill out this interactive PDF in your Adobe Reader, print it and sign it.

Reimbursement Request Form for SWARM-interactive.pdf

Lee also has a debit card that we can use for large expenses.

Note: Much of our account and money info is on the Private Wiki.

You can find SWARM's books here. (password required)

Receiving Donations

These are notes for people in the group.

We can receive donations a bunch of ways. Lee is the contact person.

  • Paypal (several methods)
    • Send a donation to "" (this is a "Personal" Paypal account controlled by Lee)
    • At the bottom of the SWARM homepage ( there is a Paypal link to donate to Swarm.
    • You can send people this short URL so they can donate:
  • Cash - cash is always nice!
  • Check under $100 (not tax deductible) - write a check payable to "Lee Sonko".
  • Check over $100 (tax deductible) - Write a check for at least $100 payable to "Somarts". Make sure to get their postal address and either email or phone number. In 1-4 months, Somarts will mail them a fully tax deducible receipt.
Somarts takes a 10% commission but tax deductible receipts sometimes can get you larger donations. (it is better in the $500 and up range) It will take 1-4 months for Somarts to process it, give us a check and mail a receipt. Give the check to Lee, who will then give it to Charlie, who will give it to Somarts...

If someone wants a receipt, Get out 2 pieces of paper and...
The receipt should have:

Another receipt for Lee. It should have:

  • name of donor
  • amount of donation
  • their contact info. email and phone are good enough