Maker Faire 2007 Proposal

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submitted to Maker Faire 4-23-07 and then withdrawn via Michelle Hlublinka on 4-24-07 :-(

Maker Faire 2007 San Mateo

IMPORTANT: submissions are closed for the Bay Area Maker Faire, but you can submit proposals for the Maker Faire in Austin, TX, in October. Proposals submitted for the Bay Area Maker Faire after the deadline will be considered only if there's room available.

Tell us about your project below.

Name of Project This title will be used in the Maker Faire Program

Maker Faire We want proposals for the Bay Area Maker Faire now, but please let us know if you also want to participate in the Austin, TX Maker Faire this fall
	X Maker Faire 2007 - Bay Area
	Maker Faire 2007 - Austin

This is a(n): (More info about these choices )
	Attraction 		X Demonstration Workshop 		Interactive Performance 		Maker Workbench 		Presentation

You'll be presenting this as a(n):
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Short Description (Used in listings; no HTML)
SWARM is a fleet of semi-autonomous spherical robots, made from a lattice of plasma-cut stainless steel. An internal motor/counterweight system allows them to roll and steer without wheels. Sophisticated sensor and navigation electronics allows predetermined as well as real-time and evolutionary choreography. They will flock and dance, emit otherworldly sounds, and at night glow in spectral colors. They will make their first full debut in August at Burning Man 2007.

Full Description (Some HTML allowed ?)
Borderline Impossible Radically Beautiful Robotic Art Project Needs You<p>

SWARM is a fleet of rolling robotic latticework spheres. This ambitious kinetic art project pushes the possibilities of distributed computing, autonomous navigation, and machine choreography. There is really nothing like it on this planet. For more information and pictures see <a href="">SWARM</a><p>

We've received funding from the Burning Man organization to complete six Orbs as well as a Mothership vehicle. Though it will be our first stop, the playa is just one step towards world domination. To get there, we need help with everything, from Orb construction and choreography to planning, fundraising, and outreach.<p>

All skill sets are welcome, especially as our crew is geek-centric. As close associates of the Flaming Lotus Girls, we are proud to share their egalitarian and collaborative approach, and we hope to learn as much from new associates as they learn from us.<p>

URL for more project website and/or photos:

Reference(s) Are there other makers who are familiar with your work? List their email or other contact info here if we may contact them.
SWARM is associated with the Flaming Lotus Girls

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robots gps choreography embedded microcontroller 

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Preliminary Logistics

Additional Makers
If you'll be bringing additional people to help, please list their names here. We'll ask for more details later if you're confirmed.
Lee Sonko, Michael Prados, a couple others to demonstrate and present the orbs

	Indoor 		Outdoor 		X Either

Noise Level
	X Normal - conversation and minor other noises
	Medium - some amplification and/or louder noises

Please locate the SWARM booth as close as possible to the Flaming Lotus Girls area and the Angel of the Apocalypse flaming "feathers".

If selected to appear at Maker Faire, we will provide you with a space that includes one electrical outlet (0-500 watts (5 amps), 120V), use of a Make Workbench and stool, a sign, and wireless internet access.

If you need anything else to display your project or activity, describe it here. Include items like "requires 20 amp/120V AC", radio frequency use, "need a wired internet connection", "requires high bandwidth", "requires outdoor location", etc.
requires zigbee (2.4ghz) radio use, requires 5 amp/120AC, might be operating remote controlled model car frequency (27mhz or 49 mhz)

Trouble with this form or the application process? Please send email to for assistance.