Maker Faire

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Those of you who are interested in set up, break down, or a shift at Make Fair, please sign up:

Sat., May 3rd:

Please state if you can transport orbs, equipment and times you are available

8am - 11am (Set up from 8 to 9am):


aerin (Erin Heinemeyer)? (I can take two orbs in my car if needed)

Dillo (I can haul Orbs if needed...)

11am - 2pm:

Aerin (Erin Heinemeyer)

Marc H

2pm - 5pm :

Simone and Mark Alexander (Niladri: I have to bow out - have a social commitment on Sat. But still on for Thurs and Sun)

Marc H

5pm - 8pm : Rick and Dawn

8pm - 10pm : Mike P and Dillo

Sun., May 4th:

10am - 1pm Dillo, Marnia

1pm - 4pm : Niladri, Melissa

4pm - 7pm (Breakdown from 6 to 7pm) : Mike P, Lisa