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Video Highlights, "What is SWARM?":

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In a Cast

SWARM in a cast.jpg

Dillo writes on 5-2-13: I was over @ TechShop last night and ran into our own Corey "Fro". As some of you may or may not know, I broke a finger on my longboard last month. It's been in a cast for about 3 weeks, still got a couple more to go. Anyway, our Mr. Fro did me the favor of decorating it, SWARM-style :)

SWARMies represent!

CalAcedemy Nightlife

Feb 23, 2012

Flux Foundation Fundraiser

December 8, 2011

California Academy

November 17, 2011

Video of the event by Octotod

San Jose

An orb placed on display in the main City Hall library in San Jose, CA, January 2011


SWARM presented at Techkriti, India Institute of Technology Kanpur India, February 2010

Low quality audio of our presentation (1 hour, 140 megabytes) [2]

Techkriti SWARM images taken by Tasha Gilbey, studying at Glyndwr, Wrexham.

Popular Mechanics Maker Faire 2009

Here is a Popular Mechanics Magazine online article from June 2, 2009

Orb without Shell

Google IO Developer Conference

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Maker Faire 2009

California Academy of Sciences

GPS Tests with Dillo

Scottsdale Waterfront Night Lights

Sticker Giant TV mention

Burning Man 2008

3099196587 3c0ed97c7c o.jpg
December 11th - I Love My Creations
December 11th - Outside refuse that was the man. The Swarm and its (edit: many) creator(s).
These things (I think there were four or five of them) were my boyfriends favorite art project on the playa. I heard more about them than I ever wanted to. Apparently these balls know where all the other balls like them are and interact in a swarm-like manner. At some unlucky moment in my life I could have told you the reason why this is the coolest thing EVAR OMG WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND. But whatever; he is tolerant while I take my pictures, the least I can do is pretend to care about why these cool looking balls are fucking amazing. And, of course, take (one of) the creators picture.
Edit: Tad, the guy in the picture, has written me to let me know he is but one of many creators. Spread the love (blame) for these cool little orbs around!

Via SuicideBots Article

Apparently, the right people read SuicideBots. One post bred 3 in other media.

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(click to play the video. Click the icon to make full screen) BotJunkie-8-5-08.flv The video from the BotJunkie and Engadget posts

Not Sorted Yet

The title page of Chapter 12 of Learning Computing With Robots Image:Chapter12.pdf edited by Deepak Kumar. Next to the image reads the following:
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
We suggest that within a few years it will be possible at modest cost to invade a planet with millions of tiny robots… With imagination and nerve we can invade the whole solar system. From a paper titled, Fast, cheap and out of control: A robot invasion of the solar system, Rodney Brooks and Anita M. Flynn, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 42, pp 478-485, 1989. Opposite page: Orb Swarms Used with permission, Copyright Phil Spitler (

Oh the Places You'll Roll, a poem by Jon Foote

These are SWARMies individual photos that haven't been sorted through yet to find the gems.

Marc's Coachella pix:

Marc's Yuri's night:

Michael Box Shop shots:


RoboGames 2008

Maker Faire 2008

Coachella 2008

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Yuri's Night 2007

At NASA Ames, April 14, 2008

Somarts Benefit for Todd Blair

Video created for VIDA 10.0 10-20-07

A 10 minute long video for the VIDA art competition. Below are several different renderings of the same video.

Burning Man Decompression 2007

Burning Man 2007 Videos


Burning Man 2007

From Mark's friend Chris. (Excellent photos!) (C chrisversionx on Flickr, permission granted by Chris Demas to SWARM "for whatever you'd like" 4-13-08)

James' SWARM 2007 images

(C James Stauffer)

pix from Dawn

(C Dawn Ryan)

Neil Kandalgaonkar (CC Neil Kandalgaonkar by-nc-2.0)

Niladri / Jill's Burning Man 2007 images

(you can use a fake email with a good domain to register.) In these pix is the makings of the Men of SWARM calendar. Pix from Niladri's friend Jill.

Simone Davalos. Taken at Burning Man 2007

(CC Simone Davalos by-nc-nd-2.0)

ABC Local News with Richard Hart

Click for video and transcript of a short television news video that was done July 2007.

More Media

Find PDF and PPT presentations that we've used in the Subversion tree here: