Google IO 2009

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We laid out a blinky fence. Ken Murphy from gave us some color changing LEDS. Lee printed out sheets on sticky paper to make the blinkies
File:Blinkybugs orbswarm LED- ready for printing.pspimage
Blinkybugs orbswarm LED- ready for printing.png

What: Orb Roll at the Google I/O Conference at Moscone! 4 orbs rolling, 2 orbs on stands. Geeking out with the geekl33t!

Date: 27 May, 2009

Time: Evening 5-11pm (see below)

Venue: Moscone Center, 4th & Howard

Day and Night Participants - 4 slots

Must be registered with Moscone (first, last cell, email) by Thursday 10am!) talk to Lee or Jesse
Gets full conference registration both days!

  1. Lee (can transport 2 orbs)
  2. Jesse
  3. trebor
  4. Erik

Night Participants - 6 slots

Must be registered with Moscone (first, last cell, email) by Thursday 10am!)
Orbs arrive at 5pm. Show from 6:30-10:30 sharp. We're out by 11pm.

  1. Christie
  2. Simran (can transport 2 orbs)
  3. Niladri - confirmed but will be late - 7:30 pm
  4. Denise (can transport 3 orbs in pickup truck)
  5. Mark
  6. Mike - 7:30
  7. Marc (7:30pm)

Performance Notes

We have a 40x40' space in a large hall in Moscone West. It will be a pretty loud party with a DJ and arcade games in attendance.

4 driving orbs + 1 on a stand (or more if they are running) to be delivered to the Moscone West Loading Dock on Howard betw 4th & 5th, before the Continental Hotel

Geek talk should happen around the standing orb, get a command prompt, drive via wifi etc...

Orbs arrive at 5pm. Show from 6:30-10:30. We're out by 11pm.

Dinner will be provided onsite at Moscone Center.

Lee is the primary contact with the onsite event coordinator, who is Neha Patel of Sparks Online. Jesse is also heading things up.

Other Notes

We will have new sound programs for the event

We need some movement choreography for the event. Simple stuff like "follow the leader" and "surround the geek and blast music at him/her." Perhaps the hokey-pokey, red rover ("all things spherical, come ooovveerrrr!!"), or jump rope?

Throwie Fencing

color changing LEDs