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Lee spoke to Allison (c) 501-535-17nospam02 at the Float Center about this event: http://www.thefloatcenter.com/upcoming.html

If we get 4 people interested, 1 with a pickup truck, we can do this event, Saturday December 15th 6-10pm in Oakland.

  1. Lee
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ... <- Has a pickup truck to transport orbs

We're welcome to bring some orbs to this event, December 15th, 6-10pm. There's little or no money but there's certainly some prestige. We'd be rubbing elbows with the likes of Frank Garvey, Anybot, and Jon Foote's robots. They're probably going to give prizes from the take at the door.

Their main space is just 1,200 sq feet. She's considering renting another space if we comit to driving around at the event. Else we could have an orb on a stand.

The exhibits run Dec 13-Jan 17th. We might leave an unpowered orb for that time or not participate...

Lee has contacted Alison at the Float Gallery about us attending. I'll be proposing it to the group shortly.

From December 13th, 2007 to Jan 17th, 2008 we will be presenting our *ROBOTS ARE ART show and contest* at FLOAT, Bay Area's only Floatation Center and Art Gallery. The show will display DIY robot art for one month, with an artist party and contest held on Dec 15h from 6-10pm.

This event will encompass a diverse group of robotic artists including mixed media, painters and kinetic artists. The contest will be 100% violence free, and will focus on form, function, and fun. Prizes will be given for, overall artistic esthetics, unusual functionality, robots as a reflection of society, and incorporation of unusual objects to name a few. I will refine this list as we get closer to the event, and know how much sponsorship funding I will have available for the prize money. Here is our under construction call for entry web page: http://www.thefloatcenter.com/robot_art.html

Jon Foote will be there, albeit with another robot. (Before you accuse him of disloyalty, note that his other robot serves drinks.)