FLG Fundraiser

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FLG Fundraiser Nov 30 / Todd Blair Benefit Dec 1


Point person: Aerin

We will need at least 4 people there (one who knows basic set-up with the laptop etc), but more would be great so people can have a break now and then. Just get in touch with me if you are interested.

Also, who has a truck available that afternoon to load in? I know that 2 orbs fit in my car if needed, but we'll need to get 2 more over. Also, a total of 3-4 people to load in would probably be ideal.

Nov 30: Crew/attending

event website: http://flaminglotus.wordpress.com/

  • Aerin (will have vehicle that can fit 2 orbs for load in)
  • Jon Foote
  • Rick L. (load-in,operator)
  • Dawn R. (operator)
  • Mike P
  • Erik S.

2. SRL Todd Blair Benefit, Sat, Dec. 1

I think a similar crew of at least 4 or more for the event and at least 3 for tear-down would be great. Load-in / Tear-down is pretty quick. They're fairly portable.

Event website: http://srl.org/shows/events/todd/


  • Aerin (will have vehicle that can fit 2 orbs for tear-down)
  • Jon Foote
  • Mike P
  • Erik S.
  • Niladri
  • Dillo
  • Lisa (maybe)

Info from Aerin:

Are we donating anything to the auction?

From Liisa: What you have sounds great! We were thinking of having an area in the back of the larger hall (bay gallery) where the mechanical art can have some room to roam. It's a cement like floor. Letting the audience have a chance to work them is a total plus! Will you need to supervise this (I would...)?

Yes, please keep them overnight at Somarts and we/you can move them into position the next day at setup. As for cleanup, we have to be out of there by 3am Sat night/Sun morning (ouch). You should definitely be there to deal with that. If you need to get them out of there before 1am, please let me know.

Most of the optimal time to run them would be before the live auction at 10:30, especially earlier in the evening, before it is crowded or rowdy. Not sure how packed it's gonna get at any given time, optimally the crowd will be circulating pretty well.

There may also be other small radio controlled robots there as well. Perhaps a little interaction is in order?

Volunteers get in free, and we are just happy to have you! If you show up early to make sure these are in the right place and such, you are already in. I'll be in touch more about setup as this progresses.