Creative Capital Grant

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From Jon

Looks like $10K-$50K. They will fund collectives, and "multidisciplinary projects and new genres." I think we could make a pretty strong application for SWARM. If people will help, I'll spearhead.

To paraphrase Dorothy Parker on writing, "Grants are easy. You just stare at the blank page until the blood starts oozing out of your forehead."

But seriously, we just need to:

  1. Figure out what they want
  2. Create a submission
  3. Revise it until it's good
  4. Send it in, paying attention to application format and deadline 5. Profit!

I could use help on any of above. I have some experience with technical grants, rather less with arts, but I'm happy to write the bulk of #2.

On the website now seems to be last year's application, so part of Step 1 is figuring out when this year's application will show up and getting it.