Cal Academy February 23 2012

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Our second orb roll at Cal Academy!

  • Arrive: 5pm, back entrance
  • Parking: ‘no parking’ signs on the street behind the building—these spots are for you!
  • Show time: 6pm sharp
  • Location: African Hall

  • Guest list due noon, Wed Feb 22nd.


  • Lee

Crew Attending

  • Lee
  • Denise
  • trebor
  • Marc
  • MCT
  • Jesse Z (if needed)
  • Ray
  • Coreyfro
  • Mike P

Orb attending (starting point, and how it will get to the event)

  • Orb 2, coreyfro's house, needs ride
  • Orb 4, coreyfro's house, needs ride
  • Orb 5, Boxshop, Mike's truck (arriving Feb. 23rd ~8:15pm)

Orb Transport

  • Lee - maybe renting a pickup
  • Rick L-one Orb will fit in the FIT!
  • The Othership is out of commission

Guests Attending (provide guest names as they appear on your photo ID, 21+, or email the Organizer that info. It's ok to have a "+1")

  • Lee is maintaining this list offline. Contact him directly.