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Ask Lee for a login if you want to post.

Why have a SWARM blog?

The purpose of the SWARM blog ( is multiplicitous:

showcase SWARM the public show our friends how we're spending our summer help publicize the project to generate donations archive our efforts in one reliable place for posterity entice others to join the project

How to post

Email Lee and he'll create an account for you so you can post to it and/or change it! Admin link

Blog features

It's a Wordpress blog with a few nice plugins. Most notably:

  • Flexible upload: the area below where you enter your posts has a super-snazzy interface. You'll like it.
  • FLV Embed: If you upload a .flv video (Flash), you can make it display in the blog. Just make your link something like this:
[flv: 640 480].
To make a nice still image as a placeholder (instead of the boring "play" icon) upload a .jpg file into the same folder as the .flv folder. More info here:
  • Spam Karma 2: keeps the spammers away
  • WP-Cache: makes our blog much faster.
  • WP Lightbox: after you've put a thumbnail image on the blog, when you click on it, it'll open up real pretty like.

Additions to the blog


This favicon by Jon has been posted to the blog, web page, wiki and private wiki. Media:Favicon.ico and Media:Favicon.png

green tag

Dreamhost is carbon neutral so I added this link to the sidebar of our blog.

<a href="">
<img title="This web site is carbon neutral" border="0" alt="This web site is carbon neutral"
src="" height="32" width="100" /></a>