Yuri's Night

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From Lisa, 2-23-08: I got confirmation that we're getting funding for Yuri's Night!! We've only been offered $500 and they haven't told me how many tickets that we're getting. I just sent the proposal guy an email regarding the latter, but I assume that we'll get enough to bring 4 orbs.

Here's the proposal: File:Yuris night proposal.pdf

Preliminary Crew Schedule

Transport and Set-up

  • Lisa and Erik plus 2 orbs
  • 'dillo plus 2-3 orbs
  • meet at Box Shop at 7:30 AM to load 5 orbs and head to NASA AMES
  • arrive at YNBA ~8:30 (or however long it takes to get down there), take safety 'class', set-up orbs, and tinker with them

Event starts at 2 PM

Shift #1 - 2 PM to 6 PM

  • Lisa
  • Erik
  • 'dillo

Shift #2 - 6 PM to 10 PM

  • Gregory
  • Marcus
  • Rick & Dawn (may arrive earlier and stay a bit later)

Shift #3 - 10 PM to 2 AM

  • Michael
  • Jon
  • Corey
  • Marnia

Event ends at 2 AM

Strike and transport

  • Lisa
  • 'dillo?
  • Marnia (can do)

Current Orb Status

We're getting close! All of the illuminators are installed and the speakers are in place (including the re-silicone-ing of a few speakers), and all are working. When I was testing them with the remote control, I noticed that the volume levels are pretty different amongst them all (one too quiet, one way too loud), but I don't know if that is a desired effect or something that needs to get standardized. Below is my 'highly technical' assessment of the orbs:

  • Orb 0 - Steering and speed are good. All illuminators and speakers working. The steering motor slightly tilts to one side when the light switch on the remote control is toggled
  • Orb 1 - Toggling of light switch makes steering twitch; otherwise, the orb is working fine.
  • Orb 2 - The speed seems to be faster in the direction of the SPU. There's a slight twitch when the lights are toggled.
  • Orb 3 - This orb's drive motor moved slowly without triggering when the joystick was cued into it the first time that I tried it out, but then it hasn't replicated that since. Everything else seems fine.
  • Orb 4 - The steering motor was extremely jerky, but Michael appeased it with a slight adjustment. The light switch makes the steering twitch.
  • Orb 5 - A-OK!

One orb (I forget which #) needs the SPU cover put back on.