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Ideally we should make a table with deadline date, venue date, possibility for funding and visibility (oh, and put stuff on the Calendar as soon as we know dates).

General Ideas

Gallery Presentation

At SubZero (June 5, 2009) one of the leads from a gallery in San Jose approached Lee about SWARM doing a presentation there.

Here was one possibility:

  • We promote a seminar/class/presentation on SWARM at her space
  • She let us use the space gratis + a percentage of the door


Works/San Jose 451 South 1st St, San Jose. 408-286-6800 http://www.workssanjose.org/wordpress/


  • Marnia

Near future


  • Santa Clarita Festival of the Arts http://www.streetartfest.com/ , Oct 3-4 This almost happened in 2010. Headed up by Lee
  • Ultra Music Festival - we received an invitation from Heather Read Feb 1, 2010 for the March 26-27 2010 event. Maybe 2011?
  • Lightning in a Bottle http://www.lightninginabottle.org/ May 23-26 2008 Memorial Day Weekend
  • Robogames June 12-15, 2008, Fort Mason
  • Fundraising party/parties
  • Maker's Faire
  • SXSW
  • Robodock 2008
  • BM 2008
  • Share Festival http://www.toshare.it/
  • Tech Shop events?
  • Art festivals (Ars Electronica), etc?
  • Galleries and museums?
  • Tech conferences (ETech, foo camp, JAVAOne, TED, ...?)
  • Other?
  • schools, (high schools, vocational schools, career days at community colleges)?
  • Companies where swarmies work (Xilinx is interested)
  • Lovefest?

Been There, Done That

(or missed the deadline)