RSA Conference

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  • April 23rd
  • Moscone Center
  • arrival 6pm
  • perform 7:30-10:30
  • 2 hrs of rolling around, 1 hr of show & tell
  • 2 orbs + 1 on a table that we can geek on
  • conference page

The Evening


2 SWARM robots to greet and interact with guests with an other worldly explosion of light, sound, and kinetic energy….

spotters: encourage all guests to view SWARM through starburst special FX glasses (which will be given to them by host ) Move through venue as directed in timeline

Show and tell/ Q & A with possibly partially dissected robot/intellectual, informative & entertaining conversations with interested guests in lounge during final hour


wear non logo casual business wear so as to remain anonymous and unnoticed among crowd

The guests will all be in casual business/day wear- so you should all as well to blend in.

No SWARM hoodies or logos of any kind.


  • Staged in dimly lit hallway at base of escalators for first hour
  • Moving into dance hall or other untapped areas of event TBD.
  • Final show and tell interactive in Nob Hill Lounge


7:15- 8:30 Hall

8:30-9:30 Dance area

9:30- 10:15 Nob Hill lounge show & Tell


4 (or so) crew requested. Preference for those that can drive well in a crowd and can talk about the geekery in depth to the audience.

Confirmed Crew

  • Lee (I can transport 2 orbs in my car. :-)
  • Jesse - I can fake a bit of crypto talk
  • Rick
  • Dawn
  • trebor

Possible Crew

  • Christie - would like to go for the experience
  • Denise
  • Marc (I will be able to go, but can't fake crypto talk that well...)